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Premium programs go into more detail on a chosen topic, directly addressing every mention of a topic in the Australian Curriculum - and then going further.

Most premium programs lasts for 90 minutes and are suitable for up to 60 students per session. The Starlab Experience lasts for 45 minutes and the planetarium can fit up to 30 students inside.


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The Starlab Experience

Immersive portable planetarium

Earth and Space Sciences

Yr 3 - 7

$120 +GST

(2 session min)

What is Matter?

Physical properties and changes

Chemical Sciences

Yr 3 - 7

$220 +GST

What is Energy?

Forms and transformations

Physical Sciences

Yr 3 - 7

$220 +GST

What are Forces?

Pushes, pulls and Newton

Physical Sciences

Yr 2 - 7

$220 +GST

Inside Your Body

Human organs and systems

Curriculum Expansion

Yr 3 - 7

$220 +GST

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Base Price:

Price per session is listed beside each program.

Travel costs may apply:
$25 +GST per hour, first hour free



3 sessions in one full day

(or 6 Starlab sessions):

-$10 +GST per session

3 of the same session in one full day (Starlab excluded):

-$20 +GST per session

3+ full days in 1 week:

extra -$5 +GST per session

Disadvantaged Schools (Category 1- 4):

-$30 +GST per session

or -$20 +GST per Starlab session, no other discounts apply.



Your school will be invoiced prior to our visit. Payment is due via cash, cheque or bank transfer within 7 days of the first session listed on the invoice.


Terms and Conditions:

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