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Explore your five senses - and then mess with them! Your ears will deceive you and you won't believe your eyes as we reach out and touch your brain and leave a bad taste in your mouth. And does something smell funny in here?

Invite us to mess with your heads. You will learn just how little we can trust our senses as we discover that our five senses are incomplete without the sixth -- a sense of humor.


  • 60 minutes
    + Q and A time
    and clean-up

Number of Students

  • Any


Access to electricity, a cleared space for the students to sit and move around, preferably in a room that can be darkened.




To make a booking for your Vacation Care Group or Community Group, just call or email:

Phone: (08) 8396 2250

Email: Click here

If you are emailing your booking request, please remember to include some alternative dates and times.



$230 +GST per session


Travel costs may apply:
$25 +GST per hour, first hour free



Disadvantaged Schools (DECD Category 1- 4):

$20 off the show price.



An invoice will be delivered on the day - payment is due via cash, cheque or bank transfer within 7 days.


Terms and Conditions:

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