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An introduction to the subject of chemistry, its methods and its tools - which sounds kinda boring. But actually...

... it's mostly an excuse to spray cola over 20 feet into the air, make multi-coloured flames, create giant quivering mounds of foam and build jelly worms out of dead seaweed. Take the coolest chemistry demonstrations ever seen in schools, add 1 slightly insane presenter and stir vigorously for 60 minutes. Result - scientifically verified fun.

Yes, there will be mess - we'll keep it outside, honest...


  • 60 minutes
    + Q and A time
    and clean-up

Number of Students

  • Any


Access to water before and after the show, space for the students to sit, easy access to an outdoors area (for the messier demonstrations).




To make a booking for your Vacation Care Group or Community Group, just call or email:

Phone: (08) 8396 2250

Email: Click here

If you are emailing your booking request, please remember to include some alternative dates and times.



$230 +GST per session


Travel costs may apply:
$25 +GST per hour, first hour free



Disadvantaged Schools (DECD Category 1- 4):

$20 off the show price.



An invoice will be delivered on the day - payment is due via cash, cheque or bank transfer within 7 days.


Terms and Conditions:

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